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16 September 2009

contemplating on writting

Dear Friends,
I have been contemplating of writing a book on "fundamentals of database management system for library and information professionals" or "information communication technology for library professionals"... still contemplating... thinking...

22 April 2009

It is depressing to see so many conditions and selection gates being recommended and accepted for university and college teachers. Other Central Services simply waits for their cadre revision but enjoy better promotion avenues and perks (even better salary than us) as they climb the ladder. Unlike the central services the only livelihood of a university and college teacher is salary alone. It is fine to have so many conditions and selection gates but we deserved to be compensated appropriately. I wish associations like AIFUCTO would take up the matter with the UGC or MHRD.

The delay in finalization of fitment table or regulation only highlight the following facts:

1. that the present composition of UGC is incapable (this is also mentioned in MHRD press release). UGC should look at it’s own operational efficiency before attempting to meddle with the autonomy of the universities/college.

2. the number of anomalies in the present form of pay fixation is enormous which UGC or MHRD is not capable of rectifying it. Because, they are mostly time bound promotees in their respective jobs and rectification would amount to major alteration of the pay fixation. Such anomalies should be thought of when the Cabinet Secretaries were tearing down Prof. Chadha’s recomendation.

3. that we are at the mercy of bureaucrats who have little or no knowledge of higher education whose job entry requires a Bachelor's Degree only.

4. that our associations are happy and contended with the present situation.

Dr. P. Hangsing

08 March 2009

UGC Pay Commission

Dear Friends,
I am amazed at how selfish our association leaders can be when it comes to monetary benefits. Before readers where assured of PB-4 this article would have drawn so much of comments. Now nobody bothered anymore. FEDCUTA and other Associations invited us to make so much noise for better salary but now that Readers are in PB-4 those interest in PBC have waned. Was all those protest meant only for creation of Professorship in colleges and placement of Readers in PB-4. Are we happy that PB-4 to Readers came at the cost of Lecturers' career advancement and the prospect of Professors getting salaries equivalent to that of Vice Chancellors.

We were supposedly protesting to protect the honour of teachers. Lecturers and Professors were also part of those protest, some of them were leaders of various institutional associations and have made significant contribution to the success of those protests. If PB-4 for Readers and Professorship for Selection Grade Lecturers of colleges were all we have protested for, we are right in feeling cheated and betrayed. 

Now that Professorship is allowed for Selection Grades of colleges and Readers are in PB-4, leaders of our associations should resign and allow others to continue the fight for the honour of teachers.

I am truly ashame that such attitude comes from teachers.

09 January 2009

Workshop on Information Literacy

Dear Friends,
Kindly follow the link for an international workshop to be held in Bangladesh: http://www.lib.iub.edu.bd/iwil.html