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24 September 2012


Softly down the blue hills flow, 
side to side ‘midst the hamlets, 
kissing bye the smoky huts, 
down the green valley flows, 
tears for love long long ago.

Steamy eyes, cheerless hearts, 
soiled fingers strum the strings.
In raucous voice came the song, 
with country brew scented breaths, 
flows the cry in futile echo. 

Every meadow, every stone, 
every memory bleeds the heart.
All came alive at every moon, 
killing me slow but a sure dead.
But for the pain I will go on.

In baritone these songs of Jimmy, 
touch hearts beyond ethnicity.
Pleading us to shun depravity 
yet begging us to see humanity 
in the hills I call my county.

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