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07 December 2012


Remember? That first walk together,
those few steps leading to enthused hopes,
and the stolen glances along the way.
So clearly spoken in meaningful gestures,
feelings so firm, so secure, so new and real,
when doubts were too silly and illusory.

Remember? The walk in the abandoned lane
where memories come alive along the way.
Wild roses now lining the crumbled steps.
Do you wander alone into the ruined dreams?
The beaten path to the past nothing
that make you yearn for one last glimpse.

Remember? The decayed portrait of love birds,
poorly painted, poor man's gift lovingly placed,
dotted in tear-drops and left on the wall.
Do you feel deprived and disillusioned?
Comforted in meaningless words of the past
penned and immortalized in silly love letters.


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